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About Us

We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience. Our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel. Ever since the company was established in 2006, Gashtyar Travel Agency has concentrated its efforts in producing quality travel, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future. Through your interact with us, You will discover that Gashtyar Travel Agency is a place that can provide you with all travelling and tourism services.


The main objective of the company is to meet all the requirements of travel and service excellency 24/7 and to reach the desire of the traveler in terms of the best services and the most reasonable prices and also as we explained that the company has other goals in terms of expansion in Iraq and neighboring countries and Specifically with tourism, commercial and therapeutic relations with Iraq

Our Services

  • Tourism groups;
  • Ticket reservations;
  • Visa applications;
  • Hotels reservations;
  • International express post;
  • Providing best offers;
  • Making insurances;


Our company staff is professional in this field most of them got international certificates.

Executive Manager
Mikaeel Khalil
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Ticketing Section Supervisor
Evan J. Sheeba
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Group Section
Rebar Jadir
0750 300 9900
Group Section
Mustafa Th. Salih
0750 332 5555
Ticketing Section
Khaled Z. Ahmed
0750 384 5555

Gashtyar travel and tourism company is one of the biggest and strongest travel and tourism companies in iraq since 2006

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